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AGT Provider Slots

AGT Provider Slots

AGT Software Overview

Introduction to AGT:

Originating from Latvia, AGT specializes in crafting gaming solutions for online casinos. The company’s catalog is rich with a variety of offerings, including slots, the adrenaline-pumping crash game ToTheMoon, classic poker, and the ever-popular keno.

Strategic Development:

AGT’s strategic focus lies in enhancing the user’s gaming journey and establishing robust partnerships within the industry.

Innovative Approach:

AGT’s innovative spirit shines through in its unique approach to the iGaming sector, with an impressive array of products that draw inspiration from the masterpieces of Gauguin, Hokusai, and Renoir.

Diverse Themes:

While AGT embraces traditional themes like fruits, ancient Egypt, and jewels, it also ventures into the less conventional with themes inspired by the Crown TV series, STALKER, or Tesla.

Global Reach:

In an effort to cater to a global audience, AGT has localized its offerings in an array of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, and Portuguese.

Slot Portfolio:

By April 2023, AGT proudly reached the milestone of 100 games, with slots making up the lion’s share—approximately 90. Enthusiasts can delve into the full array of games on AGT’s official website.

Slot Configurations:

The slots are thoughtfully categorized into various layouts, including the classic 3×3 and 3×5 configurations, as well as other inventive arrangements like 4×6, 4×5, 3×6, and even 3×2.

Free Play:

AGT encourages players to try their hand at any slot in demo mode via their website, free of charge.

Unique Bonuses:

AGT stands out with its distinctive motivational system:

• Daily spins: Here, AI technology tailors free spins to each player’s activity, provided they’ve had an eight-hour break since their last session.

• Lucky spins: From Monday onwards, players can enjoy Lucky Spins, complimentary on Mondays, with subsequent days requiring a wager triple the amount of the previous day’s Lucky Spins.

New Additions:

AGT is committed to refreshing its game library with new additions or updates to existing titles. Recent launches include:
• Paul Gauguin: Unveiled on July 11, 2023, this slot continues the homage to renowned artists, offering a gameplay experience akin to an art class.

• Fruit Queen: Released on June 27, 2023, this vibrant slot boasts stunning fruit graphics and is optimized for mobile play.

• Aliens: Launched on May 25, 2023, this interstellar adventure features a host of extraterrestrial creatures and offers a side game to boost winnings.

Player Feedback:

Gamers have rated AGT highly, averaging 4.5 out of 5, praising the graphics, soundtracks, payouts, and bonus features. However, the absence of live dealer games and transparency regarding volatility and RTP rates has been noted.

Top Five Slots:

Among AGT’s top-rated games, here are five that stand out:

1. Fruit Queen:A serene musical backdrop complements the 5×6 layout, featuring a progressive jackpot and a bonus game.
2. Extra Spin II:This fruity adventure offers a 5×4 layout with 40 pay lines and the opportunity for free spins.
3. Jewels:A 5×8 layout with 28 pay lines, this slot presents exquisitely designed gemstones.
4. 100 Hot Pepper:A straightforward 5×3 layout with 20 pay lines, where wild symbols and fiery graphics signal big wins.
5. Rembrandt van Rijn:Art enthusiasts will appreciate this slot that incorporates Rembrandt’s paintings into a 3×2 layout, accompanied by classical music.

Additional Offerings:

AGT’s portfolio is versatile, featuring the ToTheMoon crash game in various themes, along with Keno, Poker, and arcade classics like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Spinner.

Mobile Gaming:

AGT’s games are browser-friendly and adaptable to all devices, with some designed specifically for mobile use.


Employing HTML5 and JS technologies, AGT ensures its games are built on reliable random number generators, although RTP rates are often not disclosed.


While detailed award information is scarce, AGT’s participation in ICE London 2022 and certification from GLI highlight its industry recognition.

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